From the families behind Downing Showstock  and  Stewart Show Lambs, comes Showstock Elite; all things Showstock in the palm of your hand.  We know that it takes the best to be the best; the best stock, the best feed, the best resources and the best team. We practice what we preach which shows in the champions that we have produced, raised and shown  over the years.  

Be a part of the most cutting edge mobile app in the showstock industry by advertising with us. Let us show you how to be elite and reach the audience you want to reach. 

Custom mobile app available for download and website live March 1, 2019

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We get it. You are competitive and full of pride. You want the best; the best stock, the best shows, the best resources all at your disposal. Stop wasting time on several sites and flipping through magazines.

As an app user, you will receive notifications of anything you opt in for; deals, news, release of product, show results, etc.  Let us do the work for you to find the best content that you find valuable! 



Push notifications are one of the best ways to reach out to your customers even when they are not in the app. 

Any business benefits from the ability to share instant updates and make consistent client contact. Get a little creative with your messaging. Tailor push notification tone and design to match your business' branding efforts and you'll have a cohesive marketing strategy. 




Staying in the loop and connected with peers (and rivals) in your industry is crucial to growth and success. You can stay in the know with updates, industry trends and news, sales, new product and so much more. You can even select groups to join that are full of like-minded individuals. 



Gone are the days of the segmented audience. 

With Showstock Elite, we bring the premium Showstock consumer, across all breeds, to your business. One stop targeting! 

We know the Showstock industry, we are IN the show ring and the barn which gives us unique perspectives on what people want and we have developed this app to serve the masses. 




The best sales, the best retailers, the best shows; all in one place. If you own showstock and have needs, then within this app you will find solutions. From retailers, classified listings, experts with advice, a directory of top breeders and even an activity corner for the kiddos. 



Proof is in the data! 

Everything that consumers do within this app, we know about and we share with you. Being knowledgeable about consumer behavior helps fine tune messaging and offers resulting in a better ROI on every dollar spent as an advertiser.  


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We have several options to fit every budget. Let's talk and figure it out!

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